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Is your favorite drink making you fat?

  • Jan 25, 2019

A lot of people forget how drinks have calories too. You know how that goes, someone may say how they don't eat a lot, yet they may drink plenty of calories. Do you want to find out how many calories your favorite drinks have? You are in the perfect place for that! Check out the list below and see what drinks are the best if you want to lose weight!

  1. Juice. When it comes to juice, we all know how there are many types of it. Nevertheless, most of them contain from 25 to even 70 calories per 100mll. An average glass of juice then contains approximately 150 calories. Is that too much? Definitely. You can eat two boiled eggs instead of that.
  1. Beer. Everyone thinks how people who drink beer have a lot of fat on their belly, but the truth is, beer is a light drink actually. It contains from 35 to 50 calories approximately per 100mll. You should skip dark beer if you want to lose weight because it has way more calories.
  1. Wine. Many people love wine and think about how it is good for their health. Is it? Scientists claim how a glass of wine after the lunch may reduce some risks of heart diseases, yet, if you are on the diet, it would be better to skip it. A glass of wine approximately contains 250 kcal.
  1. Strong alcoholic drinks. The truth is, these drinks are not healthy for you, yet they have the least calories. If you are on a diet, the best would be to drink vodka or gin. Such drinks contain only 100 kcal per one shot.
  1. Carbonated drinks. Many people like to drink Coca Cola, Sprite, or you name it. We all know how such drinks are not healthy. But, are they making you fat? Definitely. There is approximately 50 kcal in 100mll of these drinks.


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